Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lincoln County Fair

Today was a great day at the fair.  People shared some great memories of Barnard.  Several commented how inventive it was to promote Barnard on the Internet with the Barnard Banter.  Some were familiar with the Banter and commented how they enjoyed it, but there were many people who did not know about it, but were excited to find out about it.  People shared memories of Betty's Place, Hart's Grocery, and other places around Barnard.  Many people said that they hadn't been to Barnard in years but wanted to go give the new cafe a try.  All in all, a good day.

Speaking of Hart's Grocery...

The windows from the store were in storage until recently.  When removed from storage, the painted signs on the windows were cut from the main bodies of glass.  Those painted window signs will become part of a display of Barnard history that will be built in the south windows of the old hardware store in the next couple of months.

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