Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Item That Requires Clarification

An issue (among many)has come up at the Barnard city council meeting that requires my clarification. As many may know, I am formulating the Articles of Incorporation for a non-profit organization for the purposes of preserving and of improving the quality of life in Barnard. At one time, the non-profit was to be called Barnard, Incorporated but the potential board members and I determined that the name Barnard, Incorporated did not reflect the intent of the non-profit and was rather ambiguous in nature. We decided to abandon that name and come up with one that better reflected purpose. The non-profit has not officially been incorporated yet.

At Monday night's council meeting, Council member Randy Pickering inquired about what Barnard, Incorporated was. The council has been told numberous times about the non-profit and its purpose. However, there is a point that I would like to make. There isn't a Barnard, Incorporated and I am not affiliated with the name. At 7:16 am on the morning of June 27, 2012, Crystal Pickering reserved the name Barnard, Incorporated. What her purpose for reserving the name or what she intends to do with it is unknown...but maybe she should have informed her husband.

In addition, though the Barnard Banter is affiliated with the town Barnard and is very proud of that, it has never been or never will be affiliated with the city government of Barnard. It is a blog created by me to chronicle the events, weddings, deaths, history, and stories of Barnard for those who care about it. Barnard has come to mean a great deal to me and I've only known of its existence for about five years. I can only imagine what it means to those who have been here much longer than that. There are families that have been here since before the city existed. The Wallaces and Loys are two families that I know of...I am sure there are more. I look forward to continuing my writing about Barnard. There is actually quite a bit to write about. Barnard has a unique story to tell that embodies a rich history that has interested a global readership.


  1. SupporterInBarnardKansasJuly 13, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    Give em' hell TAZ! About time someone tries to make the council honest. Talk round town is they are pickin on you because they can't control you. Keep fightin for whats right!

  2. I saw the Public Notice in the Lincoln Sentinel. The Barnard City Council must consider you a threat if they have to take that kind of a reaction. From reading the Barnard Banter, all you are trying to do is start a library, maybe bring a gas station to town, and save the water tower. I do not understand what is wrong with that.

    1. Thank you both for your support. I don't understand it either. I have heard some stuff and have heard what went on during the last council meeting. I'm disappointed. At least I know I have been truthful and my conscience is clear. As for what is being said about me, I just have to have faith that people will be able to separate the truth from viciousness.