Friday, June 1, 2012

The Founding of Barnard

The Founding

From the Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 22, 1887

The new town of Barnard was partly surveyed and laid off in lots last week. All of the town now surveyed is in Scott township, in the southeast quarter of section 12, and the northeast quarter of section 13, on the I.A. Ballard and Davis King farms. It is now owned or controlled by the Kaw Valley Town Co., so we understand. We learn that they have fixed the price of lots from $60 to $300.

Loy’s addition is in the northwest quarter of section 18, in Salt Creek township, directly east and on the same kind of land, and only a short distance from the railroad station where now located. He expects to have it surveyed this week, and offers to sell lots for from $20 to $60 per lot.

This is business and we hope that all who contemplate locating in the new town of Barnard will take advantage of Mr. Loy’s more liberal terms. Let everyone in the township of Salt Creek take hold and help boom their own side of the town, as we have no need of going outside of the township to do business.


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