Monday, August 5, 2013

Barnard Resident Get Close Up with Rock Legend, Ian Anderson

I had the opportunity to attend the soundcheck for Ian Anderson at the Stiefel Theater on July 12th.  The attached picture is of me and my grandson with a legend!

Randy Longino

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  1. I just watched the pictures of the water tower being brought down. It brought tears to my 76 old eyes. My dad Otto saunders used to take care of the city. When I was young he would go up and replace the light on top.When I got a little older he wanted me to do it, First time I got out of the door where the ladder goes up on the outside. I got scared and went back down. Later on I made it to the top. What an awesome site to look out over the country side. When it came to coming down I was so scared, took a lot of coaxing from Dad to get me down. From then on I replaced the light up there till I graduated from Barnard High. Lots of good memories Jerry Saunders