Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barnard School Alumni Bring Life to Downtown Barnard

On a hot Sunday on Memorial Day weekend, many alumni of Barnard High School made the trip to Barnard to reconnect with old friends and find out about others who were not able to make it.

Lunch was prepared and served by the Barnard Lions Club.

The Watson Family
A group of Wallaces and Peppers at the right.

 Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Wolting
Dottie Pepper and her cousin Kenny Wallace
Dottie Pepper, Jeff Wallace (son of Kenny), and Kenny Wallace.
 Joann Loy
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pepper
Peggy Saunders Blanding and Carol Clark
Ed and Anne Wallace (closest to the camera) and a table of friends.
 Pat Tatum Simpson, Beth Saunders, and school mates.

Arlene Murray, the last teacher to teach in Barnard.  Mrs. Murray today (above) and 1957 below.

Jan Dowlin, Barnard's busiest volunteer.
Carol Clark, Secretary/Treasurer of the alumni association.
 Gary Pepper, President.
Helen Wallace

Class of 1962 50th Reunion with their first and second grade teacher Arlene (Abrams) Murray and their 5th and 6th grade teacher Helen Wallace.  Left to right:  Judy (Keeler) Prater, Arlene, Sherry (Biggs) Dillon, Carilynn (Pruitt) Gustafson, Helen, and Bob Wallace.

 The gymnasium of the school still stands as a reminder of the school days in Barnard.
 The scoreboard has not kept scores of games in years but is a record of the passing of time.
 The Class of 1948 was the first class to graduate on this stage...the last was the Class of 1966.
Many students were fed out of this kitchen.

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