Friday, April 27, 2012

Could North Central Kansas Housing Shortage Crisis be Barnard's Opportunity for Growth?

Beloit and other surrounding communities have jobs, but lack housing to place those people in.  Solomon Valley Economic Development reported that jobs are being created and companies are recruiting from out of state but the lack of housing in the surrounding areas is providing a problem in getting those people in the community.

Could this be the opportunity for growth that Barnard needs?  Barnard lost 43% of its population from the 2000 census to the 2010 census.  Four households were lost in the last two months.  A project calling for a new water tower requires the city to take on a debt of $108,000...does this signal a need for growth?

Barnard has several things going for it.  It is centrally located within driving distance of Beloit, Lincoln, Concordia, Minneapolis, Ellsworth, and Salina.  Housing and property values within the city limits of Barnard are much less expensive than properties in surrounding towns and cities.  The city owns many vacant lots that it is willing to sell and as part of the new water tower development project, has affirmed to HUD that it is an equal opportunity housing community.  There are several commercial properties and vacant houses owned by the city, city council members, and private individuals that could be rehabilitated and restored.  There are also some move in ready homes that are heading towards the market.  With the right promotion and marketing, Barnard could see a potential growth spurt.

Barnard must grow to continue to exist.  Could this be its golden opportunity?

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