Monday, March 12, 2012

Lions Club Meeting Tonight Features a Farm Bureau Documentary, "Rural Kansas: Hope Endures."

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. the Barnard Lion's Club meeting will feature "Rural Kansas:  Hope Endures."  The following is an introduction to the film.

"Rural Kansas is changing. Across the state, a steady stream of decline has left small towns drained and diminished.

Despite these trends, small, rural communities have the ability to find innovative and meaningful ways to heal themselves. A new Kansas Farm Bureau television documentary which aired statewide (and nationwide on RFD-TV) in the fall of 2007 tackled that notion head on and made a compelling case that these communities can reinvent themselves.

Rural Kansas: Hope Endures introduces a new way to think about rural development. One based on the fundamental notion that truly meaningful and sustainable change must emanate from within the community."

Use the above link to go to the film's trailer on YouTube.  If it doesn't work by clicking, copy and paste into your browser address bar.  Barnard is featured in the opening scene.

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