Monday, January 9, 2012

Water Tower Report

Travis Zirkle gave a report on the water tower preservation project to the city at the council meeting tonight.  The progress reported was that the Kansas Preservation Alliance, the Kansas State Historical Society, and its federal counter part were interested in the project and cooperating with local citizens.  Travis reported that the local tasks given were to document local support and to form a non-profit organization to manage and own the water tower.

Mayor David Abell voiced his opposition to the project based on concerns of the lasting strength of the structure and asked if engineers had looked at it.  Travis replied that not yet but that it would be part of the process.  The Mayor also stated that at the town meeting, the people in attendance made it clear that the old water tower should be torn down.  Mr. Zirkle recalled how there were only about ten people in attendance, including those that wanted to save the tower.  He stated that 26 people had signed a document of support and that number was far greater than that of the people at the town meeting.  Discussion was cordial.  At the end of the meeting, council members Ken Srna and Nancy Houghton (jokingly?) suggested solving the issue with a stick of dynamite.   All in all, the report went well.

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